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"I am pleased with your service, The way that things happen so fast and the cleaning that she is getting. Aunt Mary is very pleased with what she is seeing, which pleases me. Matter of fact, I am seeing it much cleaner than what she was getting from the company that came prior." 


Diane S. 

Hello and thank you. I believe my brother already informed you that we will no longer need Josephine after Thursday of this week. I am very sorry for the short notice, but everything has moved a lot faster than I expected. I wanted to thank you for being so kind with my family and Josephine has been a godsend. You are wonderful people doing wonderful things for others. Thank you for everything you do. 

Sincerely, Becky W.

"Over the past (nearly one) year, my mother received excellent care from Golden Rule Home Care (again!).  Mom passed away on Saturday afternoon quite comfortably, with my father at her side.  Thank you, again, for all that you and your staff did to care for her and my father at their extended times of need.  It all means a lot."

Fondly, Eric W.

"I visited with my parents today and're two for two!  Joyce has been great and we're very pleased with her assistance."

Jim M.

"I really loved my caregiver because she was friendly, competent and attentive to me the whole time, which put me at ease from the moment that we met.  I was also relieved that the services could be set up so quickly, because my need was urgent!  It was well worth it, and I would use Golden Rule Home Care again without reservation."


Claudyne P.

"To work for Golden Rule Home Care is amazing!  I feel like I belong there, like it's my own home.  Everyone is so friendly.  I enjoyed working with the lady that I had taken care of, so much that I didn't want the time to end.  I would give Golden Rule 100%!  I also like the way people are treated by the company."


Elaine F.  

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